In 2006 I visited India as a tourist for the first time. I returned hungry for more in 2007 and left with my inner compass permanently altered, pointing straight from my heart towards the subcontinent. Well, that’s how it felt and still feels.

The financial crisis of 2008 brought a major downswing in my business. Meanwhile, India seemed to be thriving and all I wanted to do was return. I searched for freelance writing jobs there to no avail until I found a job posting from an Indo-German company, Enchanting Travels. They were seeking, well, me: someone passionate about travel, in possession of deep first hand knowledge of India with a gift for words, an affinity for understanding people’s needs and expectations, and a knack organizing and presenting information in a clear and enticing manner.

I paused my American life, hopped on a long haul flight and began a new chapter in a city I’d never set foot in: Bangalore. The rest, as they say, is history and my life has never been the same. Whether for business or pleasure, I’m always delighted to return.



2009 - 2014


Luxury Travel

Consumer Goods


Art & Photography




Travel Designer

Copy Writer

Brand Developer

Content Strategist


Highlights & Samples:



I began working with Enchanting Travels designing custom made luxury travel for customers in the English speaking world. Through email and Skype conversations, I’d chat with prospective visitors and hear their dreams of India. Many wanted a honeymoon at the Taj Mahal, to see a tiger, or ride an elephant - or all three. But others desired ancestral journeys going back generations. Often, they were British Raj families or members of the Indian diaspora searching for their roots. It was an honor to help bring all of their dreams to life.

The office in Bangalore was a multinational, multi-cultural team: German, French, Spanish, British, American and Indian. I learned a tremendous amount about teamwork, open mindedness and how deep our individual cultural imprints shape our habits and manners.

I worked for about a year designing trips before a large rebranding and site redesign for the Enchanting Travels website brought be fully back to copywriting and content strategy once more.

As my life evolved in India, I returned to freelancing for Enchanting (producing a large body of video reports on destinations and hotels for them) as well writing for as clients in NYC and India. My colleague from that time, Stella Kukielka, wrote a great recommendation for me on LinkedIN which illustrates much of what I did there.

Enchanting Travels - India



Through my work with Enchanting Travels, I met the founder of Lucid Design and worked with the Bangalore based design and branding firm on the launch of a new, Italian made line of pastas developed specifically for the Indian consumer market, DiSano.

From naming to packaging and beyond, I consulted and collaborated right up until launch. I still smile when I see the packaging on the shelf of an Indian supermarket.




From the moment I arrived in South India, Pondicherry was on my radar. Within two months of arriving I was there at the Bay of Bengal, walking the old Franco-Tamil colonial streets and the beach front promenade. In an abandoned distillery, an incredible large scale photo show open to all was being held, organized by a group called PondyART.

I soon became acquainted with Kasha Vande, the founder of PondyART and have worked with Kasha both in India and the United States to raise awareness of this incredible organization’s vision and achievements.



My professional adventure with Paul Mathieu has brought me to India numerous times. Sometimes with Mr. Mathieu as his liaison for press and events, other times on my own to oversee work performed in ateliers or to visit Paul Mathieu designed spaces like the Gyan Museum in Jaipur.

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