I’ve been a freelance writer since the earliest days of my working life, inspired by the brilliant, free-spirited mentors I encountered in the fashion and music industries in London and New York City. Years later I’m still in touch with many of those old influences, having now worked with all kinds of businesses, artists, corporations, agencies, startups - you name it - in equally diverse fields.

A love of words and an entrepreneurial mindset have brought me experience in a global array of markets like New York, Paris, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Bangalore, and beyond. I grew up in the Northwest of England and the Pacific Northwest of America, so my perspective on the world has always been broad. These days you can usually find me in NYC, Portland Oregon, or India. You can read more about my time in India and my experience designing travel here.

Being self-employed has kept my skills sharp and easily adaptable to all kinds of clients and their needs. I’ve done everything from interviewing legends of hip hop for The Source magazine to working on UX for retirement portfolio managers at Citi, to crafting brand identity for an Indian pasta company. I might even wash your elephant, if you ask nicely.